Gizmodo Gets iPhone 4G for 10K

By Fast Lane Wireless

News of the iPhone 4G leak from Gizmodo has created a wildfire online and on television over the past few days. Gizmodo’s Jason Chen, who posted the video review of the prototype, interviewed with Good Morning America (you can find the video here), reporting that the prototype iPhone was found lying on the ground at a bar in Redwood City. The founder initially sent pictures to Engadget, but it was Gizmodo who claimed the phone for $10,000, money well spent.

But how did Apple’s precious iPhone 4G make its way into a bar? Apple engineer, Gray Powell, lost the phone while spending a time out drinking at the Gourmet Haus Staudt. Seeing as how enraged Steve Jobs may be over his prized possession running loose, Powell will need to do a lot more drinking soon. Apple’s grip on maintaining secrecy over their unreleased products is not to be questioned. Their Cupertino campus is guarded by security to ensure that everyone remains hush about any unrevealed products. Prototypes are bolted or locked away in armored cases. When it comes to protecting their treasure, Apple means business.

So who gets to experience the wrath of Apple from this whole ordeal? With the damage already done and videos of the phone multiplying all over the Internet, removing the original posts would be ineffective. Discussion over how Gizmodo fits into the picture as a buyer of stolen goods has been debated, but it seems that the “illegal” factors of this story are out of the picture. Gizmodo simply bought a phone from a guy who found a phone from a very unfortunate guy who lost a phone, a very very important phone. So eyes are turned to Powell and his fate in the hands of a furious Jobs. Gizmodo, on the other hand, gets to enjoy the huge volume of traffic to their website in which they proudly adorn the full coverage of this story. Also, the phone has been rightfully returned to Apple after they sent a letter to editorial director of Gizmodo, Bruce Lam, on April 19. With any fears of law suits out of the picture, it appears Gizmodo gets to bask in the glory for now. But tensions between Gizmodo and Apple over posting the leaked phone may resurface when Apple considers sending them any special review units. As for now, let’s take a moment and send Gray Powell our prayers for his misfortunes. Amen.

You can watch the original video review by Jason Chen here:


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