Google With Your Eyes Using Google Goggles

By: Fast Lane Wireless


Google has once again connected the gap between people and knowledge. With the latest updates for Google Goggles from Google’s Mobile Labs, Google is changing the way we see our world—literally. This app that runs on Android 1.6+ utilizes the phone’s built-in camera to essentially Google what you see. So how does it work? Run the app from an Android powered phone with Android 1.6+ and get ready to hold back the giddiness you’ll get from using it. Using the camera, simply fill the screen with as much of the object you want to Google and snap! Presto, a page will pop up telling you all about whatever you just took a snapshot of. Unfortunately, Google Goggles doesn’t work on everything just yet, but works best on landmarks, book covers, artwork, and restaurants. But just imagine what you can still do.

Picture this (pun intended), you’re strolling through the art museum with your date and you see a Frida Kahlo painting on display, but you really don’t know anything about art. When she’s not looking, Google Goggle the artwork and impress her with your artsy savvy. So she digs you but she’s hungry. As you walk by some restaurants, you don’t even need to take a picture to get a result but a tab quickly prompts you of the details of the diner using the GPS built into the phone. You choose an authentic French restaurant because you have fine tastes but the place is so authentic the menu is in French! No problem, just aim your phone at a word or phrase, tap the shutter button, and before you know it you’ll be ordering a bouillabaisse and know what to expect (fish soup). Bon travail! You got this date all under wraps my boy.

Google Goggles can definitely revolutionize the way we view the world and maybe even help you score with a date. Now that’s something worth picturing.

The app is available now in the Android Market.

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