Android 2.2 Gets Flashy

By: Fast Lane Wireless

So we’ve already heard from Jobs himself how much he abhors Flash, shooting Adobe dirt, grime, and some other dirty words. Well sticks and stones are irrelevant here, because words really hurt Adobe here. Instead of lashing back at Jobs and Apple, Adobe has started a PR campaign full of liberty, freedom, and peace—man. Adobe has taken the “make love not war” stance by trying to paint Apple as the oppressors of freedom for development. But it gets even better, because now Adobe can really stick it to Apple with their integration of Flash 10.1 on the Android 2.2. This battle between Google and Apple has gotten even more interesting. Dare I say—epic? With Adobe exiled from Apple, Google has welcomed them with open arms.

Android 2.2, aka “Froyo”, promises leaps in performance with tethering, custom Wi-Fi hotspots, and Flash 10.1 support. Froyo allows Android 2.2 phones to visit Flash-enabled sites seamlessly, the first to do it so well and something the iPhone utterly fails to do. Google seeks to make this fact part of their arsenal against Apple in promoting their Flash integration on Android 2.2. Better yet, Google hopes to marinate Google Chrome and the Chrome OS with Flashy goodness. Looks like Jobs has just made some stronger enemies. Who knows how the next part of this tale will unfold?


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