Phone Review— BlackBerry Bold 9650

By: Fast Lane Wireless


The BlackBerry Bold 9650 is the successor to the BlackBerry Tour, and  according to a contributor of, the smartphone highlights BlackBerry’s best features—the latest operating system, advanced keyboard, camera, Wi-Fi, etc.  Although the phone lacks any updated looks, it is deemed as the most sought-out BlackBerry for Sprint and Verizon users.  The Bold 9650 is available from Sprint for $200 with contract, and will soon be available for Verizon users.

There is nothing spectacular about the build and design of the Bold 9650 as it almost looks identical to the BlackBerry Tour 9630.  The only real significant difference is the addition of an optical trackpad and slightly smaller dimensions.

In comparison to the Tour, the Bold’s screen is clear-cut, vivid, and bright. The phone no longer has the issue on the device where the screen would ripple from the corner when pushing a talk button.  The keypad does not offer any changes and instead maintains the same layout, color scheme, and rubbery keyboard.

In regard to its performance, features that were initially designed for corporate users are becoming available for individuals.  The phone includes updates to the operating system (OS) which includes email, a web browser and a calendar.  Other than that, the Bold 9650 can be used nationally and internationally, offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth option, and a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash.

Overall the BlackBerry Bold 9650 isn’t so revolutionary, but it offers improvement on connectivity and the trackpad.


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