Samsung Epic- A 4G Phone from Sprint

Samsumg EpicEarlier this summer, Sprint introduced the first 4G phone to the world with the HTC Evo.  “What denotes a 4G phone?” you may ask and the answer is this: simply the fourth generation of cell phones.  Introduced in the 1980’s, the first generation of cell phones (1G) allowed users to make phone calls and when 2G phones were introduced in 1991, users were able to send text messaging (that’s amazing stuff!).  3G phones allow people to view websites in its original format on mobile devices and now, today’s  4G phones allow users to browse the internet quicker than ever (i.e. faster downloads, load You Tube videos quicker) and most extraordinary, be able to serve as a “mobile hotspot” that allows a connection for up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The Samsung Epic is the second 4G phone to be released by Sprint, unleashing a major competitive edge against mobile carrier industry giants AT&T and Verizon.  A Galaxy S phone, the Samsung Epic features a slide out QWERTY keyboard in addition to a Swype touch screen keyboard.  This device has a 4-inch “Super AMOLED” monitor, a revolutionary screen that is the thinnest of its kind and allows users to experience a “HDTV-quality viewing experience” full of vibrant colors in “unmatched quality” when compared to a traditional TFT screen.  It also includes a front facing camera that allows people to video chat with other 4G users.  If that wasn’t enough, this phone has a 5 megapixel camera and HD camcorder (720p) with auto focus and 3x digital zoom for your memory capturing needs, a GPS system, access to over 65,000 applications on the Android market, a six-axis motion sensor for gaming purposes and the “Samsung Social Hub” application for social network integration.  BUT most importantly, this device is twice as fast as current Android phones and can host other Wi-Fi devices for browsing the web (it’s what makes the Samsung Epic a 4G phone).  Congratulations Sprint, we look forward to the release of your newest 4G phone on August 31, 2010 because this device really does seem to be “making the Smartphone brilliant.”


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